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Client Portal Information

What is a Client Portal and why is it important?

A Client Portal is an encrypted, private, secure and confidential records and communication platform between you and your counselor. Access allows you to fill out new client forms, set up credit card information, make payments, send messages to your therapist and schedule appointments online. 

Steps to set up your personal and private Client Portal

1. Set up your client portal.

When you first become a client you will receive a pin to enter the client portal. Once there you will be able to fill out the necessary new client paperwork to attend your first session. You will receive a pin via email which is active for 24 hours to enter the Lewis Counseling record system. If the pin expires simply email me or text me and a new code will be generated.

Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

2. To save access to your Client Portal.

If you did not do this in the step above, go to

You will be prompted to enter you email and you will receive a new pin by email.  The email you will receive will give you access to your client portal. Now in the bar at the top of your computer click on "History" to save this page, perhaps under the title "Lewis Counseling" or "client portal for Lewis Counseling".  This is not the public website for Lewis Counseling but an encrypted platform for client use only. 


3. Forgot how to access your Client Portal for Lewis Counseling?

Type in or

choose the box "existing client".  Enter your email and you will receive an email to get into the Portal.

Be sure to bookmark the page while you are in the system.

4. Paying for a session or an outstanding balance online. 

Enter your client portal either through the bookmark and in the list at the top of the page click on "billing and payments". 




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