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Rewiring Greatness

"The foot (plural feet) is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates. It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion." Thanks Wikipedia. And yes, I started an article with the definition of feet.

It isn't the foot that's complaining, far from it, the tough and tumble agility and purpose of our feet goes far beyond what we probably will ever give them credit for. They aren't huffing and puffing along the way tyring to forget all the the things we've walked through (literally and figuratively). Yet somehow it's completely lost on most of us where we would be without this portion of our limbs that bears weight and allows locomotion. That's right, the answer is nowhere.

To care for these two appendages that propel us forward into the time and space of which we are living is barely an afterthought. Sure we wash them and dress them and keep them from harm as much as we can but to really have gratitude and understanding about our story through our feet seems too trivial to mention. And while we're not focused at all on our feet, we are focused even less on the feet of others. Our children, our friends, our loved ones...We all have far more important things to do than take time to consider our two trotters without which we couldn't reach the hallway bathroom.

A wise man and father by the name of Melvin Earl Johnson says "When you wash someones feet you understand why they walk the way they do."

    Can you imagine? Let's take your worst enemy, for example. Now imagine washing their feet and discovering a major thorn that's been lodged into them for who knows how long.

Can you see now why they limp around that way, especially in certain terrain that may cause exaggerated sensitivity? Isn't this the way we greatly love and serve others? Bonus, this act of selflessness toward others helps to change our brain. Ah, I just love neuroplasticity.

If we seek greatness for ourselves in being better, higher, more rich and successful as our ego urges us in conspiracy with the call of mainstream media, we will always hit the wall eventually. But the honor of having the breakthrough of a rewired brain that thinks instead of others first and what we can learn about and from them is the goal of a much higher consciousness. This consciousness lives far beyond our earthly legacy because of the love left behind in others through the act of genuine service.

"When you wash someones feet you understand why they walk the way they do."

May we have the foresight and courage to seek not great things for ourselves, but consider others as better and worth giving up our lives to love by serving. "The greatest among you, is a servant of all" - Jesus

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