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Cathy Lewis

I'm so glad you here, likely exploring your next step on the journey to who you're becoming. Many years ago (though it doesn't feel like so many) I was looking for support and a path forward myself. I found a gifted and caring Christian counselor who walked with me through many challenges. My own story of facing and overcoming obstacles is what led me to find my calling as a Christian counselor and spiritual director. My journeys into pain, through confusion, and ultimately into the arms of Jesus have helped shape me and how I care for others.

I have been in practice since 2005, first beginning at WellSpring Counseling where I worked with individuals and couples with mental, emotional, and relational challenges. I became a senior staff member at WellSpring before leaving to open my own private practice in 2012. 


My approach to counseling combines my clinical, trauma informed training and and my training in Christian spiritual direction. Though my primary mode of care is counseling, the additional training I have gives me a broader understanding, both clinically and spiritually, of how to position people for healing and transformation. 


Cathy Lewis, Lewis Counseling, Christian Counseling in Columbus, OH


Individual Counseling

Have you ever wondered if this is as good as it gets? You were created for abundant life despite your circumstances. But where is it?  For each of us, there are many obstacles that stand in the way. It can be difficult to know exactly what it is that keeps us stuck and frustrated with life and our Christian walk, let alone figure out how to move. foward. With a degree in clinical and pastor counseling, I will help you  identify what is blocking your growth. You will receive skilled help in making sense what hinders you. When you can face the pain and complexity of life with wise and compassionate care the path forward begins to emerge. Whatever challenge you are facing, you don't have to face it alone. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Loss and Grief

  • Trauma

  • Recovering from abuse

  • Navigating difficult family and relational situations

Couples Counseling

A relationship with a spouse can offer such joy and fulfillment, however, when things aren't going well it can lead to deep pain and frustration. I provide couples counseling that takes into consideration both the present challenges in your relationship and the individual triggers that might lie beneath the challenges you face. It is common for couples therapy to lead to individual therapy for each partner. As each partner becomes more aware and more whole, the relationship is able to flourish. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Communication and misunderstandings

  • Understanding how your family of origin impacts your marriage

  • Understanding triggers and how they impact your marriage

  • Disappointing, Difficult, or Destructive Marriage (Leslie Vernick)

  • Readiness for marital counseling

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice that is needed more than ever in our modern world. It focuses on learning the practice of awareness in order to notice God at work in all of life. The fast pace of modern life creates such internal noise that it can be difficult to slow down and notice what God is doing in our lives and what he might be saying to us. Seasons of pain, questioning, and confusion can add to this challenge. If you are interested in growing in your faith but are feeling stuck, I would love to have a conversation with you to discover if I can help.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Learning to find God  in all of life

  • Experiencing God's love and acceptance

  • Navigating the "spiritual desert"

  • Walking through questions and confusion about God, faith and church


Take your next step.

Reach out today and discover the power of support.

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