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How to move beyond a childish mental and emotional structure

“I closed my eyes; reached inside for the calm, centered space - around the corner from my ego, bypassing my grasping need and fear…I can’t know, not like that. But I trust.”

-Joy Davidman

There's a strong pull from the ego especially in times of strong emotion that remind us of feeling unsafe and vulnerable as children. Does it sound like the same argument over and over with your spouse or significant other and you just can’t get past that pushy scared voice in your head that keeps telling you to freak out and behave like you’re being chased by a bengal tiger? Yeah, that’s classic ego.

So how do we move forward into mature adulthood?

When we are small we believe through and through that everything is "all about me". We are the center of the universe and this belief system is a natural structure that helps us develop in certain ways of behavior in order to have a call and response relationship to those we are in the care of. This state of belief however, absolutely has to change if we desire any hope of true freedom in our adult lives.

"Although we have to start with self at the center to build a necessary “ego structure,” we must then move beyond it. The big and full world does not circle around any one of us. Yet so many refuse to undergo this foundational enlightenment, which leaves them much less free than they want to be."

-The Center for Action and Contemplation

Self absorption is a sickness that can keep us bound to behaviors that habitually hurt ourselves and others.

finally growing up, for real this time.

Our fears can rise up stronger than ever as we get triggered by unresolved wounds from our past and that can be truly terrifying. This cycle continues over and over as we age and the triggers get stronger and stronger. Scary huh? Imagine a life that gets more terrifying every year you live. Who wants that?

The beginning of freedom starts with being willing to begin the journey of facing what ego is afraid of and showing it you can do hard things and are a resilient and amazing Devine creation. Capable of withstanding strong winds and crashing waves.

I’d be honored to help you on this journey. I'm confident we were never meant to do alone.

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